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Managed IT

Every business has to have some form of technology in their office in order to function in the current world.  This can be anything from a single computer to a few hundred or even thousand computers all used to make the business function.  Umbrella Technologies goal is to take the management of these computers from a worry to a second though.  We currently offer to Managed IT solutions that can be molded to work with any business meeting their requirements.  Our Manged IT services are not by any means limited to desktops or local servers, we take pride in offering full services for data centers and cloud-based systems as well.


As a consultant, Umbrella Technologies comes on to be a helping hand with your current IT support, whether they are in-house or another external firm.  Our goal is to learn your businesses needs so that we can be there to help you in the event of vacation, sickness, disaster, or worst yet parting ways.  We take the time to learn and document everything that we or even our replacements would need to know to keep your businesses IT assets up and running.  This solution is perfect for a small to a medium shop that has a small IT department, as it allows the business to set up a relationship for the what if something happens to my one person team.


When hired for Fully Managed IT services we take over all aspect of your technology assets, learning what’s needed to make them function currently and how to improve your investment along the way.  Our goal is to deliver you the best service while saving you as money as possible.  If you decided to hire Umbrella Technologies as your IT service provider, we will design a work plan completely custom to your business allowing you to get what you need, rather than what you are told you need.  While some sections of design might be reused from customer to customer we promise you that what we don’t make custom is simply because it’s already the best offerings we have.  Our number one goal after making you happy and worry free with your IT assets is to make sure your businesses uptime is as high as possible.