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Disaster Recovery

A cornerstone of having a family is to make sure that there is a plan for what to do if disaster strikes.  But, have you ever taken the time to make a plan for your business if or when disaster strikes?

Disaster Recovery is a service that we would rather not have to offer, but no one can prevent or foresee the what disasters that could hit a business and force it to close its doors.  Disaster Recovery is the capstone to the services that Umbrella Technologies offers.  While we can always help a business after a disaster has taken its toll, a proper plan is the key to making the recovery efforts effective.

The general concept behind our Disaster Recovery methods are tried and tested, but a Disaster Recovery plan that we build for each customer is 100% unique in how the service will be implemented and executed.

Planned Recovery

When Umbrella Technologies is hired to design a Disaster Recovery plan, we will take the time to lay out the solutions that we believe you should invest in to make the process as painless as it can be.  It’s hard to say what the plan will include as every business’s needs are completely different, with the exception of making sure that your business is fully functional as quickly as possible.  Each plan that is designed and implemented will have a set timeline to have your business back online and functional as quickly as possible.

A proper Disaster Recovery plan that we will design and help to be implemented will usually start with Data Backup, and grow from there.  While Disaster Recovery planning is the capstone of our services, Data Backup is the solid base of our services and a protected business.

Unplanned Recovery

Recovering from a disaster without a proper plan in place can be done, but comes with difficulties.  While with a proper plan in place, Umbrella Technologies will be able to simply replace your hardware, and restore any data needed.  However, without a plan in place, the replacement of hardware is not an issue, but data recovery becomes almost a pipe dream.  While not impossible, recovery from a disaster without a proper plan can be expensive and possibly a lost cause.