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Data Backup

You have business insurance, a security alarm, and maybe even surveillance cameras to protect your business but how do you protect your critical data?

Most companies do not put the needed thought in data protection that they really should. The leading answer to the question is usually a tape drive, a portable hard drive, or a cloud service. While that is a step in the right path of true data protection, often these backup solutions go without proper testing to make sure that the data that you need to run your business is protected.

At Umbrella Technologies we pride ourselves in offering the best solutions to protecting companies data. Our solutions, are unlike anything else that you can buy. First, we will help you implement a proper 3-2-1 backup strategy that we stand behind and trust with our data. A 3-2-1 backup breaks down to 3 total copies, 2 of which stay local to your business, and one that is stored offsite with Umbrella Technologies. While you can implement a similar system on your own using some services, we have taken the time to develop a basic plan that can be quickly implemented to get your data backed up and we will NOT leave you guessing if you ever have to fall back to your backups.

For example, you could buy a network attached storage (NAS) device and backup all your data to it and use a general offsite backup service and call it done. This would certainly do the trick, but stop and ask the following questions.

  • How will the NAS protect me data corruption or ransomware?
  • How long will it take my data to be copied offsite?
  • How will I monitor my backups to make sure they are working?
  • How will I restore my data if I needed it one day?

With a data backup solution from Umbrella Technologies you don’t even need to ask those questions (but well take our time to answer them anyway.

  • How will the NAS protect me data corruption or ransomware? All of our solutions use advanced software that creates time-based snapshots of your data so that you have copies from every hour, every day, every week, and every month*
  • How long will it take my data to be copied offsite? Depending on your Internet connection this could take a few days, to a few weeks or longer. While with Umbrella Technologies we keep track of the data needing to be copied and will upload it for you directly to our servers to make the process painless and quick.
  • How will I monitor my backups to make sure they are working? Our internal control panel will do it for you. When we first install your system, we will create a backup plan that’s best suited for your business and monitor changes based on that.
  • How will I restore my data if I needed it one day? You can either do it via a few clicks to restore a few files from our control panel or if you need it all we will deliver it to your office as quickly as possible. And we will make sure your fully functional and in working order before we leave.

In addition to storing backup copies of your data, we will also be able to advise you on solutions for top-notch backups of any databases that your business uses to function daily. This could be simply treating the database like everything else and backing up a file with the rest of your data, or setting the business up with constant offsite replication so that you have a live backup of your database that can be rolled back to moments before an error took place.

All of our solutions can be implements for a small business with one office or scale to a customer that has all of their servers and data living in the cloud. There’s no system that we will not be able to implement a properly managed backup strategy for.

A properly designed and implemented backup plan is not something that any business should go without, it could save your business in the event of system failures, fires, floods, or ransomware just to name a few. The actual value can be broken down into this one question; how long and how much would it cost your business to re-enter all your data using a staff paid only minimum wage, and can the data be trusted? When you contact us to explore what we can do for you, we are not simply after your money, but after your trust. We take pride in offering solutions that we stand fully behind, that’s why we only charge for the storage that you use and spread any hardware costs over a simple relationship term that you can leave at any time. Our prices are simple; we charge $0.10 per GB** that is allocated on our offsite storage pool, and any hardware costs that are needed for a backup device in your office (if one is required). For database replication, the pricing is based on what you need, and we will build a proper solution for you that won’t break the bank.

* Snapshots do not take up additional space unless data has changed in your backups. A snapshot schedule can be modified to meet your needs at anytime.
** We do require a minimum space allocation of 20GB at the initial start of our relationship, with a surplus of 10% allocation for current offsite usage.