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Our Story

Umbrella Technologies was started to answer a question that is heard way too often in the technology sector.

“Where are my backups and where do I go from here?”

As technology took a strong a grasp into the everyday processes of nearly every business, no one really took the time to offer proper planning for the worst outcomes of technology, data loss.


Umbrella Technologies was initially founded in 2012 by Jacob Atkins.  In its infancy, Umbrella Technologies offered a wide array of services ranging from Real Estate data processing to basic virus removal.  While working as an Engineer for an infrastructure company Jacob noticed the number of support tickets related to data loss, and or human error resulting in lost business to the customers.  As an Engineer for the unmanaged company Jacob was unable to offer anything past suggestions to the heartbroken customers that would most likely have to close their businesses down.  That was when the path of Umbrella Technologies was fully known.


Today Umbrella Technologies offers six (6) core services, each being focused on our core principle of “Where do I go from here?”  With a service plan that is created and implemented by Umbrella Technologies, the answer is nothing more than you start right where you left off as if nothing ever happened.  Our mission is to make sure that if/when a disaster from a bad update, human error, or a natural disaster your business will not lose it’s most valuable and irreplaceable asset; it’s data.